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  1. Thanks.. i am able to set to correct value now. Just want to ask if this ("uvm_bitstream_t") applies for +uvm_set_config_string also ?
  2. Thanks for response. So you mean to say after +uvm_set_config_int=uvm_test_top.env,test_variable,7. I need to get the value by uvm_config_db#(bit[3:0])::get(this,"","test_variable",test_variable_i); I tried this also, but didn't work, still getting value as 0. --Pankaj
  3. Hi, I want to configure a variable thru command line interface +uvm_set_config_int=uvm_test_top.env,test_variable,7 In my env. i have declared test variable as int test_variable; I am able to get UVM_CMDLINE_PROC calling in test.log UVM_INFO @ 0: reporter [uVM_CMDLINE_PROC] Applying config setting from the command line: +uvm_set_config_int=uvm_test_top.env,test_variable,7 but when i print value of test_variable it's coming 0. By configuring thru command line +uvm_set_config_int, it calls set_config_int(), which call uvm_config_db. My question is i need do get the value of test_variable by uvm_config_db#(int), then i will be able to get the correct value as 7 or I am missing something here? I am using UVM-1.1a and VCS compiler F-2011.12-SP1-1_Full64 Thanks Pankaj
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