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  1. Hi, I have some problems in reading registers in backdoor way. There are some registers i want to read in backdoor , registers are as belows,but it seems that only the EVEN order register (C_FPGA_VER_REG_ADR ,C_ADDR_TEST_REG_ADR,C_FPGA_DATE_REG_ADR,...) are read in backdoor ! ////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// C_TEST_REG_ADR C_FPGA_VER_REG_ADR C_TEST_MODE_REG_ADR C_ADDR_TEST_REG_ADR C_FPGA_YEAR_REG_ADR C_FPGA_DATE_REG_ADR C_RU_LOOP_TEST_REG_ADR C_CONFIG_9516_REG_ADR C_PDB_9516_REG_ADR C_RESET_9516_REG_ADR C_9516_SYNC_ADR C_REF9516_SEL_REG_
  2. Thanks, since adding +define+RGM_NO_VHPI to the script above is invalid, I have added the DEFINE statement in rdm_set_hdl.c instead. and it is ok for running. but i want to know if DUT is written in VHDL, how to deal with this case?
  3. ----------------------------------------------------- my script to run vcs is as below: vcs -sverilog \ +acc +vpi \ +incdir+$UVM_HOME/src $UVM_HOME/src/uvm.sv \ ./test_reg.sv \ +incdir+$UVM_HOME/src/uvm_pkg.sv \ $UVM_HOME/src/dpi/uvm_dpi.cc \ +incdir+$UVM_RGM_HOME/sv \ $UVM_RGM_HOME/dpi/rgm_set_hdl.c \ -CFLAGS "-DVCS" \ -l vcs.log ------------------------- Any one can help me? Thanks!!!
  4. Hi, when using UVM_RGM with VCS, errors happen as attached. how to deal with these problem?[ATTACH]40[/ATTACH]
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