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  1. Maybe the simplest way is to extend class bar from "uvm_report_object". Could uvm_report_object be used directly by users?
  2. module test; import uvm_pkg::*; `include "uvm_macros.svh" class foo extends uvm_sequence_item; class bar extends uvm_object; local int a; `uvm_object_utils_begin(bar) `uvm_field_int(a, UVM_ALL_ON) `uvm_object_utils_end function new(string name="bar"); super.new(name); endfunction endclass: bar `uvm_object_utils(foo) function new(string name="foo"); super.new(name); endfunction endclass: foo foo::bar foobar_inst = foo::bar::type_id::create("xxx"); initial foobar_inst.print(); endmodule: test `uvm_field_int reference to the uvm_report_warning which is defined in uvm_sequnce_item and uvm_package. The tool report error that "bar" class reference to non-staic method in class "foo".
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