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    ajeetha.cvc got a reaction from cliffc in UVM_ALL_ON -vs- UVM_DEFAULT   
    Same here - many of our customers use these macros and often don't buy into this performance argument. Especially if they come from Specman background they got used to these stuff built-in to the language. With all due respect to AdamE's excellent paper - why can't the VIP-TSC decide one way or the other for the benefit of large user base? Having something defined with > 1000 lines of code in base class and saying don't use - doesn't seem to go well - atleast with our customers here.
    On the original point/debate - interestingly we prefer ALL_ON to DEFAULT as it is more "explicit" in naming and one can make exceptions via:
    for instance. With DEFAULT - it is possible that a newer version of UVM base code might change the definition of default, and one needs to update the code!
    Any other views please?
    Ajeetha, CVC
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