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  1. I want to synchronize between monitor and driver. If a number of read requests are put. The driver should not do other transactions until all the read transactions are complete. I check for the read data in monitors. Can i use a semaphore in both the monitor and the driver processes to hold the driver from issuing any other transaction till the monitor informs all the read data was received. How can I use this? Or, is there any other way doing this synchronization? Thanks, Sandip
  2. Hello, In the RTL block that i am verifying there are register banks which are generated by using .rdl file. I am using the same .rdl files to generate the reg models using "reggen" and "ralgen" commands. This will give me multiple ral_block_<name> which extends uvm_reg_block. Can i directly use these multiple register models, like instantiating, creating them and the connecting in the tb_env? Or, do i need to make it as a single register model file i.e. a single ral_block_<name> class. Please guide. Thank you, Sandip
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