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  1. But this is not the problem i checked. Actully when i run the test i am not getting the "simv.vdb" file at all. please help me in this. And i am using the command - urg -dir simv.vdb -report IndividualCovReport/$1
  2. Hi, I done my coverage in uvm_monitor. i am running the test in vcs tool. For coverage report I need simv.vdb file to run "urg" command. i am using the following command : urg -dir simv.vdb -report IndividualCovReport/test_name urg -dir simv.vdb -format text -report IndividualCovReport/test_name but i am getting following error : Warning-[uRG-DNF] Directory not found The directory 'simv.vdb' could not be found: No such file or directory. Please verify all the directories given to the -dir option are valid. Error-[uRG-ND] No source data No source data was supplied to URG.
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