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  1. Hello all, thanks for all the inputs. Some background - I'm working on DV and started from scratch on developing an env 3 months ago. Now, 3mo is a long time and our team is working hard towards tape out using the UVM env. When we started 3mo ago, UVM_RGM was adopted because of 3 reasons - 1. auto generators, 2. support from Cadence AEs in our org and 3. personally found Sharon/Kathleen's UVM book very helpful. Now really we are not at a stage to change a lot of things to adopt UVM_REG unless it is something very simple and the sequences and agents are easily reusable. But before we go
  2. THanks Dave_59. So, given a choice, should one adopt UVM_REG instead of UVM_RGM? By any chance is there a generator that converts UVM_RGM to UVM_REG?
  3. Hi, How should a register database format be chosen? Which package lends itself to easier reuse of sequences from block to higher level DV? Are there any particular shortcomings of RGM? FYI- in my org, there are automated tools to generate UVM_RGM register descriptions from XLS description of registers that are being used by the designers. So, should it be a no-brainer for me to adopt RGM? thanks. VK.
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