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  1. Hello all, thanks for all the inputs. Some background - I'm working on DV and started from scratch on developing an env 3 months ago. Now, 3mo is a long time and our team is working hard towards tape out using the UVM env. When we started 3mo ago, UVM_RGM was adopted because of 3 reasons - 1. auto generators, 2. support from Cadence AEs in our org and 3. personally found Sharon/Kathleen's UVM book very helpful. Now really we are not at a stage to change a lot of things to adopt UVM_REG unless it is something very simple and the sequences and agents are easily reusable. But before we go too far down, trying to analyze how much RGM agnostic should our methodology be to position us to adopt REG (or something else, not sure why or what?) in future. In the opinion of you Gurus, is it even worth thinking about this now? Specific Q: is there a comparison of features of REG vs RGM? What's overlapping and what's not.
  2. THanks Dave_59. So, given a choice, should one adopt UVM_REG instead of UVM_RGM? By any chance is there a generator that converts UVM_RGM to UVM_REG?
  3. Hi, How should a register database format be chosen? Which package lends itself to easier reuse of sequences from block to higher level DV? Are there any particular shortcomings of RGM? FYI- in my org, there are automated tools to generate UVM_RGM register descriptions from XLS description of registers that are being used by the designers. So, should it be a no-brainer for me to adopt RGM? thanks. VK.
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