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  1. Hi Erwin, Thanks, this would be great. Making such example libraries available in the latest release of the standard on the website is probably a good way to promote the use of IPXACT. Then, it is also easier for people to post their contributions for other bus descriptions, once they have examples to start from. Best Regards, Norbert
  2. Hi Erwin, In reply #8, you are saying "However, the standardization committee provides XSL transforms that allow you to up-convert an XML document from version 'X' to version 'X+1'." Where can we find those XSL transforms ? Accelera is providing a library of busDef as examples, but they are written for 1.2 standard. Is it possible to transform these examples in IEEE 1685-2009 with those XSL ? or, does Accelera provide these examples directly for the latest schema versions? Best Regards, Norbert
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