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  1. Dave I didnt think that I needed to do anything special when using the libraries included with Questa. Jon
  2. I am trying to simulate the examples with Questasim 10.0c. I can compile ok but when I try to simulate I get a lot of error messages like the following ** Warning: (vsim-3770) Failed to find user specified function 'uvm_hdl_check_path'. The search list was empty. # Using -sv_lib, -sv_root, and -sv_liblist arguments can provide a search list # of shared libraries that will be used to resolve user specified functions. # Time: 0 ns Iteration: 0 Instance: /hello_world File: D:/HDS/uvm/examples/simple/hello_world/hello_world.sv # ** Warning: (vsim-3770) Failed to find user specified func
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