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  1. Hi, hello_world now working o.k. with all the different vcs option I mentioned, except uvm-1.1, which is expected. I did find the code You indicated in all the Accellera uvm-1.0p1/examples but not in vcs-mx-E-2011.03/doc/examples/uvm_1.0 thanks, Elmar
  2. Using -ntb_opts uvm-ea the hello_word example finishes correctly with: UVM_INFO : 18 Time: 1000 ns Using any of: -ntb_opts uvm -ntb_opts uvm-1.0 +incdir+${UVM_HOME} ${UVM_HOME}/uvm_pkg.sv ${UVM_HOME}/dpi/uvm_dpi.cc -CFLAGS -DVCS with UVM_HOME any of: /usr/local/synopsys/vcs-mx-E-2011.03/etc/uvm-1.0 /usr/local/uvm-1.0p1/src # from Accellera /usr/local/uvm-1.1/src # from Accellera the hello_word example finishes with: UVM_INFO : 5 Time: 0 ns Is there a way to have UVM 1.0 work with VCS ?
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