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  1. I tried with UVM_DEEP / UVM_SHALLOW. It doesn't work. I can't use UVM_REFERENCE as I am modifying and thats why I am using copy(). Can you show some good example for UVM_DEEP targeting this case? It will be really good.
  2. Is UVM clone/copy works for dynamic objects too? I am trying with below code and it looks something wrong. Can someone help? ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- class abc extends uvm_sequence_item; rand byte data[]; constraint size_data { data.size() <= 1000; }; `uvm_object_utils_begin(abc) `uvm_field_array_int(data, UVM_ALL_ON) `uvm_object_utils_end endclass class xbus_transfer extends uvm_sequence_item; abc abc_inst[]; function void pre_randomize(); ......... abc_inst
  3. I don't get this. What change needs to be done in my setting? Do I need to download again?
  4. I have downloaded and running UVM-1.1 from this site. > cd $UVM_HOME/examples/integrated/ubus/examples > make -f Makefile.vcs In vcs.log file, I am getting lots of warnings from uvm_recorder.sv . Warning-[DT-AAI] Assoc array index ignored ../../../../src/base/uvm_recorder.svh, 296 Specified assoc array index is invalid. Invalid or uninitialized index for assoc_index. 'x' or 'z' can not be passed as assoc array index. Please specify a valid index. Header of log which may help to know simulator, version etc. Command: ./simv +UVM_VERBOSITY=UVM_LOW -l vcs.log +UVM_TESTNAME
  5. Ok, so what I get is UVM default packer can potentially put 1000 errors for 1 packet if packet has 1000 fields? I thought its smart enough to mask rest of the errors by macro. And there is no way around this. This is weird.
  6. Can I use 2010.06 and upgrade to last version: 1.0? Steps to compile with synopsys is appreciated. I can't upgrade tool but want to move latest release. Thanks, Kinjal
  7. I am implementing do_pack() and do_unpack(). How can I know that do_pack() and do_unpack() has successfully happened? for example, abc = packer.unpack_field_int($bits(abc)); def = packer.unpack_field_int($bits(def)); where is success/fail bit which I can use for further parsing. One problem on above one is, if total bits are not enough for abc then I am getting total 2 errors. If I know that abc is fail because of not enough bits, I could not do def.
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