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  1. Thank you Roman. I do need to understand ,is it necessary to seq_item_port.put(rsp); - if null req? I am not looking for any response in the code I have. the VIP/simulator was not compatible with UVM 1.1; thats the reason we stuck to UVM 1.0p1
  2. I changed by code to //check if request is available seq_item_port.try_next_item(req); //if not availablr or not the same enum type then send good parity if (req == null) begin ...... end else begin ...... //close req loop seq_item_port.item_done(); end Only if request is available the handshake needs to be completed with item_done(). If no request is available, item_done need not be called.
  3. Hi, I use uvm-1.0p1 In my driver I use try_next_item. As per the usage I also used item_done after it. //check if request is available seq_item_port.try_next_item(req); //if not available if (req == null ) .... else //drive value .... //set item_done to close loop seq_item_port.item_done(); But during simulation I get below error - [uvm_test_top....sequencer] Item_done() called with no outstanding requests. Each call to item_done() must be paired with a previous call to get_next_item(). so I removed the item_done(). With this I see that the try_next_item() is blocking. It does not work the way it is mentioned. I see that there was an issue like this before which was fixed in 1.0. Can anybody help me? Thanks, Archana
  4. Hi, I am new to UVM and am planning to use it for a new project. We use VCS. I wanted to know how good is the support from Synopsys for UVM? Thank you, Regards, AFT
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