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  1. Run-Time Phasing in the UVM: The Long Lost User's Guide

    Since the release of the UVM 1.0, one of the least documented features of the methodology has been the Run-Time Phasing solution. Due to this lack of documentation, many users were immediately turned off from trying to use this new area of the methodology. Even more unfortunate were those users who were brave enough to try and blaze the trail, but were quickly mired down in misuse, misinterpretation, and a general lack of support. This lack of documentation, combined with a general misunderstanding of what Run-time phasing was intended to solve, lead to many users labeling it as “unsafe”, and “overly complicated.”
    This document strives to remove the veil of confusion which the UVM’s Run-time phasing is wrapped in, by clarifying its intent and showing how easy it is to build very powerful stimulus.


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