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    NOTE: Edited to update closing date for the Public Review Period
    On behalf of the Portable Stimulus Working Group (PSWG), welcome to the public review forum for the Portable Stimulus Early Adopter Draft Specification. The Public Review Period for this version of the Portable Stimulus Specification will close on Friday, September 15Monday, October 30, 2017. Members of the PSWG will be actively monitoring this forum to respond with answers, clarification questions or other general feedback to your comments. We will also let you know when a specific issue has been entered into our Mantis issue-tracking database.
    To facilitate us tracking your issue, please be sure to include the following information when posting:
    Descriptive title Page number (please use PDF page #) Section number Line number (listed on the side of the page) Detailed description of the issue This will enable us to locate your issue and facilitate the discussion. We thank you for your contribution to the success of this important new standard.
    The Early Adopter specification provides a comprehensive explanation of the new Portable Stimulus Domain Specific language and equivalent C++ Class Library. This declarative language is designed for abstract behavioral description using actions; their inputs, outputs and resource dependencies; and their composition into use cases including data and control flows. These use cases capture test intent that can be analyzed to produce a wide range of possible legal scenarios for multiple execution platforms (e.g., virtual platforms, simulation, emulation, prototypes, silicon, etc.). The Early Adopter specification also includes a preliminary mechanism to capture the programmer’s view of a peripheral device, independent of the underlying platform, further enhancing portability.
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