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  1. hi, UVM_ML, developed by Cadence, indeed contains UVM_SV. But it also contains Multi Language capabilities, enable connecting packages implemented in SV, e, and SC. For example - in the UVM_ML, the configuration DB serves all languages. So one can call config-set() from one language, and config-get() from another, hence configuring components implemented in another language. Another example - the objection to End of Test is synchronised over framework so that the test is stopped only after all objections from all languages are dropped.
  2. EfratS

    UVM e Library

    Version 1.2


    This is the updated UVM e Library, containing the e packages of: uvm_e/ - UVM e basic types uvm_scbd/ - UVM Scoreboard infrastructure, implemented in e vr_ad/ - UVM Registers & Memory package, implemented in e uvm_lp/ - UVM Low Power infrastructure, implemented in e eunit/ - e unit testing framework uvm_flow/ - base type of hubs and checkers Please refer to each package PACKAGE_README.txt for further information.
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