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  1. Hi everyone: I have a syntax problem when i read VMM source code. Here is the code segment: (*_vcs_vmm_class=1*) class vmm_sb_ds_registeration; bit is_in; bit is_out; vmm_sb_ds::ordering_eorder; endclass So, what's the meaning of the "(*_vcs_vmm_class=1*)", and why use it before the class vmm_sb_ds_registeration? I looked for the IEEE 1800-2009, only konws the syntax above is attributes, but do not understand it's meaning, and how to use it properly. Could anyone tell me this question and give me a application example? Thanks a lot!
  2. Thanks for your reply! But I just compile the examples in "uvm-1.0p1", and no other code, and not only one has this problem.
  3. Hi! An compile error encountered when I run the examples in "uvm-1.0p1" as blow: Error-[IWNMEE] `ifdef or `ifndef with no matching ../../../src/reg/uvm_reg_model.svh 32 `ifdef or `ifndef has no matching `else or `elseif or `endif, check that the directires are balanced. :confused: Could anyone tell me why? and how can i do? Thanks a lot!
  4. Hi! all, i want to run uvm use modelsim SE 6.6c (windows), how can i do? Thanks a lot!
  5. Hi, Chris! Thank you for your help! I add the "super.build();" in the build method as follows: ex8-3_layered_sequences.sv But, when i run it with vcs, also see the ERROR and two WARNINGS: ERROR-[sTASKE-NEAFFS] Insufficient number of arguments ../../../src/base/uvm_extern_report_server.svh, 114 number of arguments (1) passed to substitute format specifiers in the string which are less than number of format specifiers, please pass number of argument equal to number of format specifiers. WARNING-[CNST-PPRW] Constranit randomize NULL object warning ../../../src/methodolgy/se
  6. Hello! the examples of the "A Practical Guide to Adopting the Universal Verification Methodology (UVM)", Example 8-3: Layered Sequencers. When i run it use vcs, always have a error:"the argument~~~~~~ .svh 114", can you help me? Thanks a lot!
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