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    Migrating environments from OVM to UVM is largely a matter of changing Os to Us. However, functional changes to phasing and configuration, along with the deprecation string based sequence library necessitate some changes to an OVM environment to make it run with UVM-1.0. This document describes how to migrate to UVM-1.0, but this document does not go into any deep discussion on new UVM-1.0 features.
  2. No, macros for real arrays have not been implemented. I will submit a mantis item for you to add arrays of reals, but it is unlikely to get into the 1.0 release.
  3. This is just a workaround. It looks like there is probably a bug in the symbol lookup code in IUS. I am guessing that you are probably importing uvm_pkg::* inside of the compilation unit scope but your class definition that uses the _decl is in another scope. I recall a similar issue about 6 months ago. I will try to create a testcase to reproduce the issue, but if you can contact the Cadence customer support with a failing testcase, that will speed the process up.
  4. I have seen similar problems before when uvm is imported in the compilation unit scope and for some reason the name lookup for ius can't find some of the identifiers. One thing to try for a workaround is to explicitly import that symbol in the ahb_rgm_master_squr.sv file. Do something like: import uvm_pkg::UVM_IMPLEMENTATION; Or, you can just try importing uvm_pkg::* in that file. You should also file a ticket with Cadence to get the issue resolved. john
  5. I don't think this specific requirement is in the current phasing requirements. The ability to jump back phases is certainly there. But, as I understand your need, you want to be able to rebuild a part of your VE. This implies jumping all the way back to the build phase so and completely rebuilding based on some new information. The phasing changes that have been discussed will likely make your life easier, but, as of now, they don't allow you to completely rebuild your environment (or sections of it). The best thing you can do to effect the process is to attend the Acellera meetings. They
  6. Today, you cannot create new component objects after the elaboration phase is complete. So, do support what you want, I think you will need to have an agent that contains both uvcs, and put one of them in an inactive state until the mode changes. This, of course, assumes that the uvc has some way of turning its traffic generation off.
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