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  1. Are you interested in "Maximizing Your Investment in the UVM". The UVM Reference Flow webinar is scheduled for Thursday November11. You may sign up here at this link https://www.cadence.com/cadence/events/Pages/event.aspx?eventid=458 . Sorry for the delay in this - this date is solid!! Regards, John Brennan
  2. Hi everyone - Quick Update - we WILL be holding this webinar - but not on 9/16. Look for a new post sometime in the next two weeks to finalize a date around mid October. Thanks, John
  3. A free UVM Reference Flow webinar will be held on September 16th at 10AM PST. This webinar will demonstrate the technical aspects of the UVM Reference Flow so that users can immediately employ this new environment to improve their verification productivity. Emphasis will be on making sure users understand the design and verification components, how the book explains the theory and practical aspects behind the methodology and the reference flow examples, how to run the flow, and the legal responsibilities of users who decide to incorporate the UVM Reference Flow as part of their process.
  4. Hi Mark - yes, the UVM Reference Flow contains a comprehensive SOC design and testbench. The design and verification components are open source, so you can use them as a template of how to do things. Take a look at the UVM Reference Flow contribution in the contributions area, for an overview of the environment there is a brochure posted here as well which is located under the "UVM Resources" tab of the main landing page. Let us know how you like and if it meets your needs. Regards, John
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