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  1. Hi SeanChou, Regarding #1 - yes, mltypemap can map SV classes to SystemC. There is an example in the documentation - bring up cdnshelp in the Incisive 10.2 release, and search for mltypemap. The examples section includes a SV -> SystemC example (section 5.1.2). I'll ask someone else to follow up on your #2 question. Zeev.
  2. Hi SeanChou, I'll take a stab at the first two items in your list. #1 - yes, Cadence provides a tool that automates that exact part - mapping class declarations in one language to another, so that they can be used for multi-language communication (e.g. via TLM ports). The utility is called 'mltypemap' and it's documented in the Incisive docs. Please look it up for it for all the details. #2 - the question seems to stem from a HW/SW verification effort. We have quite a bit in that domain, so I'd recommend you look up things like ISX. Zeev.
  3. Hi Sean, Are you sure you've gone through the *configuration* step of *ncsc*? It seems to be the missing step that will result in such symptoms. Please see these as examples: http://www.cadence.com/Community/forums/p/13088/19720.aspx#19720 http://www.cadence.com/Community/forums/p/13061/19743.aspx#19743 If that still doesn't help, please file a service request with our support team at support.cadence.com. Thanks much, Zeev.
  4. Hi Sean, Yes, I believe your IES install is partial and missing pieces. You should have found that file (tlm.h) under <install>tools/systemc/include/tlm2. I rechecked the steps you're going through, and the example is working fine. Thanks, Zeev.
  5. Hi Sean, I'm afraid I cannot reproduce the error. IES has two examples by that name - one using the OVM library [under <IES>/tools/systemc/examples/ml_ovm/sv_test_sc_tlm10_dut], the other using the UVM library [under <IES>/tools/uvm-1.0/uvm_lib/uvm_ml/examples/sc/sv_test_sc_tlm10_dut]. Both of them *work fine* for me with the IES release I have here (10.20-s009). I think we'll need more info from you to be able to help you debug this. Let's follow up in a smaller forum. Thanks,
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