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  1. I was wondering the same thing about the version of the tool. OVM came with a README_IUS.txt which made it clear which versions of OVM have been tested against which IUS version. I was an unable to find the equivalent readme for UVM. Alain
  2. Hello, I thought I would be able to quickly run the UVM examples. I am using IUS8.20-s023. I cd down to uvm/examples/basic_examples/pkg From here I issue the command irun -f compile_ius.f and I get the following: irun: 08.20-s023: © Copyright 1995-2010 Cadence Design Systems, Inc. file: ../../../src/uvm_pkg.sv foreach(m_cb.cnt[idx]) begin | ncvlog: *E,ILLHIN (../../../src/base/uvm_heartbeat.svh,227|30): illegal location for a hierarchical name (m_cb). (`include file: ../../../src/base/uvm_heartbeat.svh line 227, `include file: ../../
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