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  1. Hello, We have made our UVM generator freely available for download and use. The free version enables you to create a register spec in Word, press a button and generate the UVM register model from it. There are some limitations to the number of registers and type of registers but this download will get you started with specifying and verifying the registers in no time. Its a great way to get started with UVM registers. Visit http://www.agnisys.com for details. Anupam
  2. Visit this link to see more details and get your copy of a free MS Excel to UVM 1.0 Register Generator. New features are : Coverage knobs (to turn coverage on/off for individual fields/registers/files/blocks), Custom code (so that appropriate code gets generated), User defined properties (for custom behavior), etc. New outputs : vr_ad (for Specman 'e' users), SVG (for graphical representations of register maps).
  3. IDesignSpec can now generate UVM registers. So now you can generate UVM, OVM, VMM, IP-XACT, Verilog & VHDL etc. based registers directly from your own Excel files or Word documents. The Excel plugin is new. It enables you to keep your existing Excel spreadsheet formats and generate code directly from them. We created it because people didn't want to enter the register data again or change their formats. Check out the latest Demo video. To quickly try these simple plug-ins, please submit this evaluation form.
  4. Thank you for sharing such informative and useful content. Anupam
  5. Hi all, The UVM register specification is not released yet. But whenever it is, we will provide the generator at no extra cost, provided you have already purchased OVM or VMM or IP-XACT generators. IDesignSpec (IDS) can take your Word or OpenOffice documents and convert them into code for registers and memory maps. You can get one of the 10 possible generators, or use Tcl to create your own customized outputs. It can read in IP-XACT, SystemRDL as well in batch or interactive modes. Visit http://agnisys.com to request a download. Thanks, Anupam
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