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  1. When you call set_sequencer(), you should also pass in the adapter as well: model.dutmap.set_sequencer(agnt.sqr, reg2dut);
  2. The ovm_factory::create_object() method was deprecated in OVM 2.0.1, and removed in the UVM release. I would recommend transitioning first to OVM 2.1.1 to ensure that you are using the latest OVM methodologies, and then use the OVM-UVM conversion script to migrate to UVM. While it may not work perfectly, it might help in identifying the deprecated features.
  3. I would recommend the Verification Academy at www.verificationacademy.com. It provides a full set of tutorials from getting started and TLM basics all the way through to advanced sequence generation and test control. On the Verification Academy website, you can also download the OVM Cookbook. While it is OVM specific, you can translate all the concepts to the UVM.
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