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  1. If all "run_phases" have completed, doesn't it implicitly imply that all objections are dropped ? What can be causing the simulation to still hang ? The testbench has large number of vendor VIPs/custom drivers and monitors, every component having its own objection mechanism. It is not possible to paste the code here.
  2. Hi, I am working on a UVM testbench. I am getting a hang issue in one of the simulations. I get the following print in the log: "reporter [TEST_DONE] 'run' phase is ready to proceed to the 'extract' phase" Even after this print message, I see that time is still advancing in the test and it is not proceeding to the next phase. My query is - Does this print message not guarantee that all objections are dropped in the test ? What can be the possible reasons that the simulation is not proceeding to the next phase ?
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