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  1. Hi there, i'm currently building a host-compiled cpu/os simulator in systemC. I therefore have defined an OS interface like this: class OS_API : virtual public sc_core::sc_interface { public: virtual void task_create() = 0; virtual void task_end() = 0; virtual void CPU_WAIT_TIME(double t) = 0; }; And implemented it using: class RTOS : public sc_core::sc_module, public OS_API { public: sc_core::sc_export<OS_API> os_export{"os_export"}; RTOS() : sc_core::sc_module(sc_core::sc_gen_unique_name("RTOS")) { os_export.bind(*this); } private: // from OS API void task_create() override; void task_end() override; void CPU_WAIT_TIME(double t) override; }; So i use this whole interface / channel design in the Tasks, that are supposed to be scheduled. I defined the abstract task like this: enum State { waiting, ready, running }; struct TCB { sc_core::sc_event wakeup_event; int pid; State state; }; class OS_Task : public sc_core::sc_module { public: SC_HAS_PROCESS(OS_Task); OS_Task(sc_core::sc_module_name name_); sc_core::sc_port<OS_API> os{"os"}; struct TCB tcb; virtual void run() = 0; }; and then i have a subclass that actually implements the task: class Hello1 : public OS_Task { public: Hello1() : OS_Task("Hello1"){}; virtual void run() { cout << "running Task Hello1 \n"; os->task_create(); for (size_t i = 0; i < 20; i++) { os->CPU_WAIT_TIME(120); cout << "hello from 1: " << i << "\n"; } os->task_end(); } }; My question is, how can I access the callers information (OS_Task or its subclass Hello1) in the RTOS that implements the interface? Specifically i need access to the callers TCB struct so i can put it to sleep, and the be able to wake it up later (from the RTOS)
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