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  1. Thank you, David! IMHO due to abstract nature of SystemC, handy implemented parallelism and signals, it could be used for simulation of software applications and systems of software applications on feasibility study. In current moment I am looking a bridge for transition from feasibility study to a SW development phase. Something, which could work like HLS, but on the output it will give (with some limitations) a C++ code where SC_METHODs of a model are represented as threads, signals as a glib event, Qt events or D-Bus signals and so on.
  2. Hello, I am beginner I had developped model of application in terms of SystemC. Now I am trying to understand workflow from model to software implementation. So, my qustion to community Is there some formal way to make transformation of the SystemC model code to the clean C++ code for desktop console application? Best regards, Igor
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