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  1. Hi, Thanks for your prompt response, follow up query is that systemC simulator we run in userspace (please correct me if I am wrong) of linux, so I am assuming it is a linux process. We have some transports available like netlink socket that allow to pass information from kernel to userspace. so can we use netlink socket in systemC simulators? Second question that is this possible to run systemC simulator as a kernel module in linux kernel not in user space? I mean systemC library can be used directly in kernel of linux? if there is any open example or tutorial for above queries it would be very helpful if you can refer. Thanks for your time. Regards Zafir
  2. Hi, I am new to this forum and tried to look for FAQ but did not find answer. If it is not relevant please delete my post and sorry. I have query that is this possible that linux kernel module (like ethernet driver) can communicate with systemC process running on simulator? We need to pass live network traffic to our simulation and need to know is this possible? thanks. Regards Zafir
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