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  1. In uvm_reg_field::configure, UVM turns off rand_mode for some regs. // Ignore is_rand if the field is known not to be writeable // i.e. not "RW", "WRC", "WRS", "WO", "W1", "WO1" case (access) "RO", "RC", "RS", "WC", "WS", "W1C", "W1S", "W1T", "W0C", "W0S", "W0T", "W1SRC", "W1CRS", "W0SRC", "W0CRS", "WSRC", "WCRS", "WOC", "WOS": is_rand = 0; endcase if (!is_rand) value.rand_mode(0); https://verificationacademy.com/verification-methodology-reference/uvm/src/reg/uvm_reg_field.svh We have a W0C reg. I use this to randomize and update it. And it always writes default value to the reg, which took me a while to figure it out. csr.randomize(); csr.update(); I don't agree with the comment in UVM. "RO" isn't writeable, but it's good to write some value and test it. "W1C", "W0C" and some others are writeable. I feel it's not right to set rand_mode=0 for these types of regs. Not sure what the motivation of doing this is. We also discuss this here https://github.com/lowRISC/opentitan/issues/5105 Thanks Weicai
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