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  1. Thanks a lot David. Having been developing SystemC models for years, I cherish your insight. I have attached a sample of design I'm trying to model. Tasks T_A communicate with tasks T_B over a communication channel (depicted as FIFOs). The connections between T_A and T_Bs are changing. Communication Manager (depicted) manages how the connections should be changing. I can pull in the communication channels (FIFOs with added features) into the implementation of T_A or T_Bs but it's not a good representative of the actual system. I was hoping to keep them as separate entities (keep all
  2. hmm, sounds like I can't delete my previous response. Please see my following response:
  3. Thanks a lot. I hope there was a way to avoid hacky solutions. I know SystemC is heavily used for modeling SoCs (where things are pretty much fixed by design) but this is a real network-related use case which I could happily use SystemC to model.
  4. Hi guys I'm working on a simulation system that the connection between components changes during the execution of the system. First time I'm facing this issue and not quite sure if I can change module to module connections during run-time and dynamically. Any thoughts how I can do this in SystemC? Thanks
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