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  1. Thank you sue. I have got this code working at present but I`m trying to analyze the output of this at the moment in which I have been having few doubts. After this I will update you accordingly.
  2. module de_3_to_8( in,decoder_out,enable); input [3:0] in; output [7:0] decoder_out;// syntax error //individual wires assign decoder_out[0]= ~in[2] & ~in[1] & ~in[0]; assign decoder_out[1]= ~in[2] & ~in[1] & in[0]; assign decoder_out[2]= ~in[2] & in[1] & ~in[0]; assign decoder_out[3]= ~in[2] & in[1] & in[0]; assign decoder_out[4]= in[2] & ~in[1] & ~in[0]; assign decoder_out[5]= in[2] & ~in[1] & in[0]; assign decoder_out[6]= in[2] & in[1] & ~in[0]; assign decoder_out[7]= in[2] & in[1]
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