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  1. HI, Would you let me know "tlm_quantumkeeper" is? I saw some source code from the gitHub, tlm_quantumkeeper is used but I don't understand why this util is used now. It is looks like to be used a synced reset, however, if anyone let me know it details, I am happy to learn systemC more as a beginner. thanks.
  2. Thanks Eyck, But can i ask one more thing? When I try to use sc_fifo first, there is no way to use multiple depth of FIFO. Is there any possible to use 8 maximum sc_fifo depth variable? When I use like below, argument 8 is on readline. sc_fifo<int> my_fifo(8); Thanks.
  3. Hi, Is there any convenience way to trace an information of socket? I hope to check b_transport of the socket transactions, however I don't have any idea to trace it. Would you let me know if there is a way? I'm getting a good information for systemc from this forum. Thanks for your all kind experts.
  4. Is there anybody to understand that I can use sc_fifo with socket? I use to send transaction via socket from module A to B, and inside module B, I hope to use fifo feature to send to module C. I'm not expert of systemC so would you let me know if I can do? If there is any good example, let me know. Thanks.
  5. HI, I'm just starting to learn systemC TLM modeling, however it's not easy to understand. I'm trying to searching any good TLM example but would you let me know any good example for simple write/read control system based on APB or AHB? If there is, it will be great for a beginner like me.
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