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  1. uvm_default_report_server::report_summarize has a "file" argument which should control where the summary information is written. This doesn't work. There is no code in that function which uses the file argument. I checked both 1800.2-2017-1.0 and 1800.2-2017-1.1. Looks like a bug in the reference implementation? virtual function void report_summarize(UVM_FILE file = UVM_STDOUT);
  2. You can use group_of_animals_c::pre_randomize to create the array to the maximum possible size (12, given your constraint) and construct each element of the array. The array may shrink during randomization to satisfy other constraints. Something like this: function void pre_randomize(); animal_da = new[12]; foreach(animal_da) begin if(animal_da == null) animal_da=new(); end endfunction Using array reduction is the right idea to constraint the sum of animal weights. You can use a "with" clause to sum the individual animal weights. Something like this: constraint total_weight { (animal_da.sum with (item.weight)) == 100; }
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