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  1. @Philipp A Hartmann Many thanks! That fixed the problem! @Eyck The systemc package is available for the conan package manager. Since conan is a simple python package, it can be installed as python -m pip install --user conan I'll create a very simple project to show you how easy it is to use. Create a conanfile.txt file: [requires] systemc/2.3.3 [generators] cmake cmake_find_package Create a simple systemc model, systemc_example.cpp: #include <systemc.h> #include <iostream> SC_MODULE(Not1) { sc_in<bool> in; sc_out<bool> out;
  2. I'm trying to use Accellera's SystemC on Windows 10, using Visual Studio 15 2017. I'm using the systemc package from conan. So systemc is built using cmake. Using the simple systemc module at the bottom of this post, a read access violation is thrown. At the crash site, the following code is executed: (m_semantics_host_p->*m_semantics_method_p)(); Some advice about how to fix this problem would be appreciated. This code runs fine on mingw, so I assume the problem is MSVC specific. The call stack is: > main.exe!sc_core::sc_process_b::semant
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