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  1. Hiii.... im declaring the variable like rand bit [1:0] char_len in config class creating object and cfg.randomize() and handle assigning in test build phase and after that i am getting the cfg handle in lower level components but i am not getting random data why what is the problem can u please explain me where i did the mistake regards meenakshi
  2. sir in my seqencer im declaring some local varibles for accessing them im declaring the p_sequencer in sequence like `uvm_declare_p_sequencer(my sequencer class name) now im accessing the varible from sequencr like p_sequencer.varible this two line are enough for accesing the varible from sequencer or i need write extra info im geting the fatal error uvm_test_top.env.agent.sequencer@@seq [DCLPSQ] socb_ahb_master_bfm_sequence.m_set_p_sequencer uvm_test_top.env.agent.sequencer.seq Error casting p_sequencer, please verify that this sequence/sequence item is intended to execute on this type of sequencer
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