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  1. Hello Everyone, I came to an issue which is only occuring with gcc-7.4.0 and linux 32 bit. The issue is with this static cast statement in the following scenario. # define SC_MAKE_FUNC_PTR(callback_tag, func) \ static_cast<sc_core::SC_ENTRY_FUNC>(&callback_tag::func) I Create a SystemC shared library (systemc.so) It has a memory Module Memory Module has TWO SC_METHODS p_memory and p_foo p_foo has no implementation --> this should give linking error. In order to provide some utlity to detect t
  2. Hello , I am having a closed design which is running using SystemC 2.3.1 , When i updagraded to version 2.3.2 i found an error resulting from multi_socket_bases.h in the b_transport method "Call to b_transport without a registered callback for b_transport" as shown below. multi_socket_bases.h void b_transport(transaction_type& trans,sc_core::sc_time& t){ //check if a callback is registered if (m_b_f && m_b_f->is_valid()) { (*m_b_f)(m_id, trans,t); //do the callback return; } display_error("Call to b_transport wit
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