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  1. When I built SystemC as a DLL, it resolved all the issues. Thanks!
  2. I am compiling SystemC as static library (.lib). That's what is getting linked everywhere. Do you still think that can be issue?
  3. Hi, I have written a very simple sc_module and created a dll library (libmodule.dll and .lib) for the same under cygwin using msvc cmdline (corresponding to visual studio 2015). I then link this module with a sc_main program, which calls module constructor. As soon as the program is executed, I get this error: Error: (E533) module name stack is empty: did you forget to add a sc_module_name parameter to your module constructor? In file: ..\..\src\sysc\kernel\sc_object_manager.cpp:373 What could be the issue? Here is example source code: // Module.h class DLL_API
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