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  1. ok if I use static library for both of them, the error disappears. Still looking forward to some useful comments~
  2. Hi I have a long story about using Systemc TLM. I am having some trouble trying to embed our existing software (including driver) into the TLM frame. Originally I called the application function in an SC_THREAD and wanted to let the driver function access tlm socket. But our software and driver are shared libraries and can not see the upper layer socket which reside in a SC_MODULE. Besides I don't want to change the existing libraries and pass the variables or function pointers (like how sockets really do) down to the driver. So I changed my mind and created another SC_THREAD to receive the tlm_generic_payload from the first one. I used a sc_fifo (dynamic sensitivity) for them to communicate. To achieve this I have to declare the fifo global in the driver. And I need to link the libsystemc.a in the shared library of driver (libsystemc.so requires the sc_main function). After everything is cleared and compilation is passed, I get this error message at the end of running phase. double free or corruption (fasttop): ... ======= Backtrace: ========= ... ======= Memory map: ======== ... Aborted (core dumped) It seems that as long as I access global variables or functions in the driver, this happens (I can still get the variable). I drew a simple schematic diagram to illustrate my project. My Question: I used static systemc library in the driver and a shared systemc library in the upper application, could this be the problem? How can I solve my problem? I believe that developing TLM model with software is a general case, is there a pattern to do this in a systematic way without changing the software (only interface) too much? Was I primarily wrong at the beginning? Any interpretation or suggestion would be appreciated. Liyuan
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