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    Timur Kelin reacted to maehne in utils/sc_stop_here.h is not copied into the installation path   
    Thanks for reporting this issue! I think your use case is justified. However, the decision to not installing the header seems to have been made on purpose as utils/sc_stop_here.h is explicitly added to NO_H_FILES in src/sysc/utils/files.am. The behavioural difference between the Automake and CMake-based build flow is probably unintentional. I have reported the issue to the LWG for investigation.
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    Timur Kelin got a reaction from maehne in Implement sc_trace for std::string   
    The basic idea:
    calculate hash for the string call sc_trace for the hash value update a translation file which maps hash values and the string contents.  
    Exemplar github project which utilizes this approach:
    In this project the translation file is written before the simulation starts
    raw 64-bit hash values:

    simvision mmap translation applied:

    simvision mmap is generated automatically and translates string hash (%x=) into string value (-label {}). 
    mmap new -reuse -name schd -radix %x -contents { {%x=0000000000000000 -label { } -bgcolor #000000 -font -*-courier-medium-i-normal--12-* -shape z -textcolor #F8F8FF -linecolor green} {%x=613d30040ed92e78 -label {delay_chain.dly10} -bgcolor #000000 -font -*-courier-medium-i-normal--12-* -shape bus -textcolor #F8F8FF -linecolor green} {%x=d1a020f2dd73715f -label {delay_chain.dly10} -bgcolor #000000 -font -*-courier-medium-i-normal--12-* -shape bus -textcolor #F8F8FF -linecolor green} {%x=69071983ebd1b6d4 -label {delay_chain.dly10} -bgcolor #000000 -font -*-courier-medium-i-normal--12-* -shape bus -textcolor #F8F8FF -linecolor green} {%x=3a5413510c68f021 -label {run_80.exec_80()} -bgcolor #808000 -font -*-courier-medium-i-normal--12-* -shape bus -textcolor #F8F8FF -linecolor green} {%x=55691ef70e86d835 -label {run_60.exec_60()} -bgcolor #8b0000 -font -*-courier-medium-i-normal--12-* -shape bus -textcolor #F8F8FF -linecolor green} {%x=6f9e19f9823cb15c -label {run_40.exec_40()} -bgcolor #4b0082 -font -*-courier-medium-i-normal--12-* -shape bus -textcolor #F8F8FF -linecolor green} }  
    generated gtkwave translation file for the similar appearance 
    0000000000000000 ?grey0? 613d30040ed92e78 ?grey0?delay_chain.dly10 d1a020f2dd73715f ?grey0?delay_chain.dly10 69071983ebd1b6d4 ?grey0?delay_chain.dly10 3a5413510c68f021 ?OliveDrab?run_80.exec_80() 55691ef70e86d835 ?DarkRed?run_60.exec_60() 6f9e19f9823cb15c ?navy blue?run_40.exec_40()  
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