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  1. I have recently modeled registers as simple unions to represent bitfields, for example: typedef union { struct { uint32_t ADDRESS:5; uint32_t RESERVED:26; uint32_t ENABLE:1; } b; uint32_t w; } register_type; which facilitates the access to either the complete word or a bitfield. The interesting part comes when I try to check if the register value has changed, is there a more elegant way of doing this than polling in if or while statements for each register's value? I need to do this for a lot of them so I was wondering if modeling this using sc_bv provides a built-in event I could use in a SC_METHOD sensitivity list? example: typedef union { struct { sc_bv<5> ADDRESS; sc_bv<26> RESERVED; sc_bv<1> ENABLE; } b; uint32_t w; } register_type; and then do something like: register_type Reg; ... SC_METHOD(some_method); sensitive << Reg.b.ENABLE; ... some_method(){ ... } Any pointers or ideas are greatly appreciated
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