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  1. what you saw in first post is called pure virtual class. It's inherited by derived class where sensitivity list is supplied.
  2. I'm forced to use whatever systemC version that comes with latest VCS version(vcs_vP-2019.06-SP2). Here is healer file: #include "systemc.h" #include "tkn.h" #include "cmod_utils.h" #include <cmod_module.h> // from Dierke model #include <stdint.h> #include <stdio.h> #include <stdlib.h> #include <math.h> //#include "global.h" //#include "ISP_Utils.h" #include "ltm.h" #include "ltm.HW_MOD_BA.h" #define CTRL LTM_Ctrl<sc_uint<14>, sc_uint<13>, sc_uint<20>, sc_uint<20> > #define TKN MDA3_tkn<sc_int<2>,unsigned int
  3. I'm new to systemC. My code needs to process some data after reading it from fifo. So I created sc_event tkn_in_fifo_data_written. However compiler produces this error message: Can someone please tell me what's wrong? Also perhaps error message should say something else? template <class T, class M> class cmod_module: public sc_module { public: sc_fifo_in< T > tkn_in_fifo; sc_fifo_out< M > tkn_out_fifo; sc_event tkn_in_fifo_data_written; int numTknsRcvd; int numTknsSent; BAYER_TYPE *bayer_444; //virtual void ingress(); //get tkn
  4. Thanks, I confirm that installation of GNU 6.2 was broken. It is just not something I expected so did not try compiling anything else.
  5. I'm running into issues while installing SystemC using gcc version 6.2 gcc version 5.2.2 goes through fine. Running this command: I'm attaching config.log file. config.log
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