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  1. @EyckThanks for your input, the main issue for me was the sensitivity list, I just removed it from the sc_main and it works. And about defining the stimuli in a separated file, how can i achieve this if the stimuli make call to sc_start() periodically? The code is as follow, it works well, just want to know how to move the stimuli apart in a separated file int sc_main(int argc, char* argv[]) { // stimuli sc_signal<bool> START, TIMEOUT; sc_time clkPrd(10, SC_NS);// period sc_clock CLOCK("clock", clkPrd); // timer // Binding timer tm("timer"); tm
  2. I am new to SystemC, and this is my first program. I have timer module already built. sc_main should contain the following points: Instantiation of timer module Trace ports/variable: clock start timeout count start signal to create a trace which contains a waveform of exactly 30 cycles (300ns, that is.) This 30-cycle waveform should include following scenarios: reset the timer for 3 cycles before it is released for counting, during counting reset the timer before count reaches 0, and during counting reset the timer after co
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