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  1. Thanks Roman for quick response. I am doing simulation on Noxim which requires syctemc2.2.0.
  2. Hi I am trying to install systemC 2.2.0 but it was giving ‘int compare_unsigned", "mutable" and "gets" error. Through your forum I have removed "mutable" and fgets error. now problem is when I run @make" it pops up following error of "int compare_unsigned" . Is anyone have clue about this error. Thanks in advance for your time and help. /usr/local/systemc/include/sysc/datatypes/int/sc_unsigned.h:1849:14: error: friend declaration of ‘int compare_unsigned(sc_dt::small_type, int, int, const sc_digit*, sc_dt::small_type, int, int, const sc_digit*, sc_dt::small_typ
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