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  1. Hello Mr. Black, Thank you for the quick reply. I didn't quite understand what you exactly mean, but, I will try finding some material where i can learn how a co-operative multitasking event driven simulator works. But, did you mean to suggest that I use bus_o->write(VALUE); instead of bus_o = VALUE; I tried this, and I still get the same issue. The question that still haunts me is , why does busin in my datagen file updates after 1ns? I can already see the value in inputs.cpp at 0 NS. (Note : Inputs.cpp file receives busin value from datagen) If you mean t
  2. Hello All, I am a beginner in SystemC, and I really need your help in solving a timing issue. Please find my code attached : datagen::datagen(sc_module_name nm) :sc_module(nm) { cout<<"Constructor- datagen: "<< name() << endl; SC_THREAD(testgen); } void datagen::testgen(void) { busin_o="11111111"; cout<< "-------------------------------------"<< endl; cout << "In dataGen::testgen: @" << sc_time_stamp() << " Busin in datagen: "<< busin_o
  3. Hello Everyone, I have just started to learn system C and I have installed the 2.3.3 version on my linux system 18.04. I have tried installing in usr/local as well as in the local directory (for example : In the downloads itself). I have a very simple hello world program, but i have an error. I feel it is the problem with the installation, any help is highly appreciated. Thank you very much in advance. lugia@celebi:~/SystemC$ make Makefile:56: *** SYSTEMC_HOME [/usr/local/systemc-2.3.3/] is not present. Please update Makefile.config. Stop. lugia@celebi:~/SystemC$ make Makefile
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