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  1. Thank you for your help, @AmeyaVS It works now : )))
  2. Hi @AmeyaVS, I tried your suggestion and it doesn't work. I understand your idea. But I think it is not really the root cause. I built some project with systemC and never met this, it's really weird. When I install the systemC library, I test it with the examples provided by the library, only 13/22 are passed. It could be missing something between cygwin and sysc lib.
  3. I've tried to reinstall systemC library, but after thing doesn't work correctly as before. I recompile and simulate an old project of mine to test it but it seems that every time the simulate encounters the sc_start the simulation is stopped and turn back to the terminal. This is showed in the picture. It should have continued to count up more and it does not show any information. This is my old project and it worked before This is the code of the top file. As I see, in the first count the for loop. It get out of the test I also tried another code bu
  4. HI @AmeyaVS, Is due to you trying to copy and paste the command from the pdf to the bash console. Thank your for your information! I uninstalled and deleted all thing that related to cygwin and reinstall cygwin and libraries again, and it works, I've installed fc4sc library successfully But now, I encountered issue with systemC library. This project work well before and now I used it to test the new library. The simulation has been stopped at sc_start, i dont know why and there's no further information has been printed. This is the code of the man function #incl
  5. I've build a systemC environment and now I want to get the coverage. I found that this library could be used. I'm trying to install FC4SC library (https://github.com/amiq-consulting/fc4sc) And this is tested by google test. when I do following the guideline (https://github.com/amiq-consulting/fc4sc/blob/master/docs/FC4SC_User_Guide.pdf) on page 13 At the beginning I use the command "cmake -DBUILD_GTEST=ON BUILD_GTEST -DBUILD_SHARED_LIBS=ON .." as the guideline shows, and it doesn't work, it the show as below: -bash $'cmake\342\200\213 command not found Then I reali
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