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  1. Thank you for your fat reply. I think some uninitialized variables could be the problem. I trying to check this, but this is really hard, because the code is quite big now. Is there a easy way to test such things automatically? Thank you for the links, i will a look at it.
  2. Dear all, i am designing a network simulator where a lot of messages are flying around. For logging and debugging the states of the modules and the simulation i use the sc_report_handler class. In main.cpp i set the following options: sc_report_handler::set_verbosity_level(verbosity); sc_report_handler::set_log_file_name("out.log"); sc_report_handler::set_actions(SC_INFO, SC_LOG); sc_report_handler::set_actions(SC_WARNING, SC_LOG); verbosity is a variable passed from a configuration file. In my files/modules etc i have usually code like this to print into the log file:
  3. Hi Ralph, thanks for your reply. I also recognized that this function is private, so i did the workaround making this function public. This fast solution is for the moment ok, but not as long term option. I know that is not a good solution, but it is a qick dirty fix. I have an old SystemC Library(ReChannelv2 from 2007) where this call is used and i want to use this library(the library is not compiling yet). For now i have not the resources to refactor the old library to the newer C++(11 or 14) and SystemC(2.3.3) standard. Also it is an external library, so it is hard to g
  4. Hello, i have the following piece of code not compiling: #include <systemc.h> int sc_main(int argc, char* argv[]){ sc_signal<bool> my_signal_bool; sc_reset* my_reset; my_reset = my_signal_bool.is_reset(); return 0; } I get this error: In file included from /usr/local/systemc-2.3.3/include/sysc/communication/sc_buffer.h:34:0, from /usr/local/systemc-2.3.3/include/systemc:79, from /usr/local/systemc-2.3.3/include/systemc.h:219, from ../src/playground.cpp:12: /usr/local/systemc-2.3.3/include/sysc/communica
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