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  1. Hi, I am now trying to use SC_Methods but having some problem in running multiple SC_methods within one SC_module. Is it possible to have multiple SC_METHODs in one SC_MODULE? problem solved
  2. I mean like an output register which can save a value for one clock cycle and than put the value on its output if the enable signal is high. and what do you mean by we can model a register in anyway we want? or do you mean if I make SC_THREAD sensitive to clock pos edge and than get an enable signal as an input to SC_THREAD and make an if condition if enable signal is high output = input than it will behave like a register and yes I am working with non-synthesizable high level model and just running systemC from command line as presented in forte design system series on youtube.
  3. Thank you very much for your helpful answer. Now I am trying to use SC_THREAD but confuse in one thing that how can I model a register in SC_THREAD. Because I know that if we declare a variable in SC_CTHREAD as sc_signal than it is modeled as a register but how can I do that in SC_THREAD. I can make SC_THREAD sensitive to a positive clock edge and a reset but I do not think that will model the registers where I want them.
  4. I am trying to model a direct mapped cache and there is main memory module which is an SC_CTHREAD and main memory state machine which also SC_CTHREAD. I am experiencing one clock cycle delay when I write to an output from main memory and read it from main memory state machine. But i thought i could read in the same clock cycle isnt it true?
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