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  1. Hello, I'm experiencing a problem - I have my agent, which had the following function: virtual function event get_mon_event(); return monitor.mon_e; endfunction And my env, which runs on all of those agents (a couple of them, in an array): [As a part of a task] for (int i=0; i<some_number; ++i) begin fork automatic int var_i = i; begin // wait for the first event from any agent to generate this event @(p_agent[var_i].get_mon_event()); end join_none; end I'm getting this error: [SV-VFIEWC] Virtual function in event/wait control - Call to virtual function 'p_agent_base::get_mon_event' cannot be used in event or wait control. Can someone explain why this is happening and offer a solution please? Thanks! Dana
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