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  1. Following code will help you. property setup_hold_checker; time current_time; @(posedge (clk ^ CK_EDGE_SEL)) disable iff (~resetn || disable_assertion) (1, current_time = $time) |=> @(ev_data_delay) ($time - current_time) ##0 (1,$display("\t **setup_hold_checker**= %t ",(($time - current_time) > (SETUP_TIME+HOLD_TIME)))); endproperty Regards, Mitesh Patel
  2. uvm_reg_hw_reset_seq perform mirror operation if register operation is enabled for the sequence. Here, you can set volatile bit of the field which you want to exclude from comparison. Volatile - 1 - UVM_NO_CHECK => Comparison disabled Volatile - 0 - UVM_CHECK => Comparison enabled Regards, Mitesh Patel
  3. Yes, this uvm_reg_bit_bash will get all registers assigned to the specified map, and perform bitbash operation. There are some following hook up to prevent some register from bitbash operation : 1. by setting NO_REG_TESTS or NO_REG_BIT_BASH_TEST through resource db for specified register. Regards, Mitesh Patel
  4. Hi Following code may helpful to you. // Declaration uvm_reg_map maps[$]; uvm_reg regs[$]; uvm_status_e status; // Getting number of maps associated with block handle blk.get_maps(maps); foreach(maps[d]) begin regs.delete(); // Getting associated total registers with map maps[d].get_registers(regs); foreach(regs[k]) begin regs[k].read(status, rd_val, maps[d]); // Do necessary operation based on read value end end Regards, Mitesh Patel
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