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  1. I'm running the code in Visual Studio 2015 on a Windows 10 64-bit platform. SystemC compiler is "SystemC 2.3.3 (Includes TLM)" from Accellera website. I can do a workaround in my code if this is a problem in my side. Thanks for the quick response! Ness
  2. Hi, When I try to trace sc_signal<sc_bigint<W> > when W=1024 the following program doesn't finish. However when I try W=1023 and W=1025 the program works as expected. Could you please help me to debug the case? Thank you in advance, Ness
  3. Thank you Eyck for the quick response. I've tried your suggestion in my program and it seems to work fine. Regards, Ness
  4. Hi, I wish to perform a trace for all the signals in my design. Since I didn't find a reference how to do this, I tried to implement it by myself. The main concept I used is to run recursively on all child objects of sc_module objects (using the get_child_objects() method). If a child object is sc_signal, the sc_trace method is performed. I created a test-case and ran it with Accellera compiler 2.3. However, I'm getting the following warning: Warning: (W710) object cannot not be traced: system.sig In file: ..\..\src\sysc\tracing\sc_trace.cpp:145 Could you please help me to fix the code? Regards, Ness case_system.h case_walker.h case_system.cpp case_walker.cpp sc_main.cpp
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