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  1. Hi, I am trying to redirect report messages of all the components into a log file as shown below. 1. In top_test.h: UVM_FILE default_report; std::unique_ptr<std::ofstream> log_file; 2. In top_test.cpp: (At the end of build_phase, after instantiating top_env ) auto m_uvm_root = uvm_root::get(); m_uvm_root->set_report_severity_action_hier(UVM_INFO, UVM_DISPLAY | UVM_LOG); m_uvm_root->set_report_severity_action_hier(UVM_WARNING, UVM_DISPLAY | UVM_COUNT | UVM_LOG); m_uvm_root->set_report_severity_action_hier(UVM_ERROR, UVM_DISPLAY | UVM_COUNT | UVM_LOG); m_uvm_root->set_report_severity_action_hier(UVM_FATAL, UVM_DISPLAY | UVM_EXIT | UVM_LOG); log_file = std::unique_ptr<std::ofstream> (new std::ofstream("my_file.log")); if (log_file->is_open()) { default_report = log_file.get(); m_uvm_root->set_report_default_file_hier(default_report); } else { UVM_ERROR(this->name(), "Unable to open my_file.log file"); } With the above code, messages in all components other than 'driver' and 'sequence_item' are re-directed into log file. please let me know how to resolve this issue. Kindly let me know more information is needed from my side.
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