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  1. Thanks for the response! Adding the --prefix="location" helped indeed resolve the problem :)! Normally I use it only in a Linux environment, but now there is no other possibility then running it on windows (unfortunately).
  2. Hey everyone, I've successful compiled and installed the systemC library via Cygwin and was able to configure Eclipse so that it could compile my SystemC code by pointing it to the "include" and "lib-cygwin64" folder. Since I prefer to use Msys2 and MinGW64 I would like to compile the SystemC 2.3.3 library with, but it seems I don't get the same result. These are the commands that I put into MinGW64: cd "path_to_systemC_lib" mkdir objdir && cd objdir ../configure --enable-debug make -j4 make check make install In Cygwin I put in the following commands (and works perfect): cd "path_to_systemC_lib" mkdir objdir && cd objdir ../configure --enable-debug --enable-pthreads make check make install So, after the installation in MinGW64 is finished, I can't seem to find my "include" and "lib-what_the_name_can_be", what am I doing wrong here since I can't find any solutions online it seems for this problem? The reason for MinGW64 is so that I also can compile and install the scv library which doesn't support Cygwin. I've put the config file as an attachment, hopefully this can be helpful :)? ps. tried it to compile on Linux, and worked (what did you expect) like a charm, but due to some . config.log
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